Saharogya Seasonal Kavara (Tea for Acidity) Tea

When we consume food, our stomach secretes a desirable amount of hydrochloric acid, a digestive juice essential to break down food particles into the smallest...

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When we consume food, our stomach secretes a desirable amount of hydrochloric acid, a digestive juice essential to break down food particles into the smallest form and aid in digestion. Excessive production and secretion of hydrochloric acid results in acidity or acid reflux. It is often characterized by a sour taste in the mouth accompanied by burping or a burning sensation above the stomach or below the breastbone. ‘Hurry’ (eating food in a hush without chewing it properly), ‘Worry’ (stress and anxiety) and ‘Curry’ (fried-hot-spicy food) are considered the main reasons for this condition.

Ayurvedic sciences deem indigestions the base of any physical disease as it can interferes with the flow of blood and energy throughout the body. Acidity, known as ‘Amla Pitta’ in Ayurveda, is also a result of less, excessive or irregular digestion. ‘Amla Pitta’, if not diagnosed early and treated, can result in respiratory problems, lack of appetite, dramatic weight loss, consistent pain in ears, stomach or chest, heaviness in the chest, flatulence and blood in the stool. Incorporating traditional medicinal herbs that enhance digestion and improve metabolism can help balance the stomach’s acidity.

A herbal blend of hand-picked ingredients – Ginger,Bala, Rasna, Parushaka and Gambhar,Saharogya Tea for Acidity – Kavara is an instant natural remedy to acidity. It relieves heartburn, nausea and vomiting. Sipping the hot tea every day can correct digestive disorders and promote proper functioning. It helps normalize and regularize bowel movements. The tea soothes the digestive tract and controls the sour taste in the mouth due to excessive acid.


Ginger – Referred to as the universal medicine, ginger can prevent nausea, reduce pain and cramping, fight infections, soothe the nerves, relieve symptoms of gas and uplift the mood.

Bala – Used as a hypotensive and anti-inflammatory agent, it soothes the nerves and reduces pain.

Rasna – It's anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties relieve abdominal pain, purify the blood and treat indigestion.

Parushaka – It relieves acidity and indigestion, treats diarrhoea and reduces inflammation, heartburn and nausea.

Gambhar – The use of this herb can overpower pain and inflammation, improve digestion, enhance strength, aid in absorption of nutrients and minerals, regulate blood sugar levels and cure abdominal tumours.


  • Acts as a natural antacid and neutralizes the acid
  • Controls damage of the stomach and intestine lining from excessive acid
  • Provides instant relief from heartburn
  • Stimulates digestion and reduces stomach spasms
  • Calms bloating and cures flatulence

Directions to Use

Boil one tablespoon of ‘Kavara’ in 150ml of water for 10 minutes. Strain and consume hot. Add a natural sweetener if desired. For best results, drink the Saharaogya Tea for Acidity three times a day. The tea cannot cure the condition but regular usage can reduce the symptoms and risks.

Other Ayurvedic Guidelines to Cure Acidity

  • Make lunch your largest meal.
  • Regularly massage your belly with warm sesame oil.
  • Meditate and release negative energy.

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